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Optimized Care, Less Stress.


Practical and safe TRIAGE solutions for a modern and sustainable veterinary industry. 

US and Canada
RVT Call Centre
150,000+ Teletriages

Recruit + Retain

Create the conditions for your team to thrive...

Whether your practice offers an ON-CALL emergency service, you are part of a busy ER, or you run a Primary Care day practice, we address significant pain points and barriers that lead to staff dissatisfaction and attrition.

Our ON-CALL SUPPORT works hard to ensure veterinary staff are well-rested and set up for success for the true emergencies and are the best version of themselves during the day.

The ER SUPPORT allows hospital staff to focus on the critical patient in front of them and streamlines patient intake. Unnecessary interruptions and multi-tasking leads to frustration and decreases patient care. 

We SUPPORT PRIMARY CARE practices during the day and after-hours. Our service will direct emergencies to the ER of your choice and keep non-emergencies at the primary care practice. Client and staff retention, improved revenue and reducing unnecessary ER visits for your clients are all within reach. 



On-Call Practices

Your vets will thank you for the extra SLEEP!

Eliminate up to 75% of calls after-hours and allow your vet to recharge for the day ahead. For the true emergencies, we set your team up for success with logistics, communications, and reporting.

The Animal HealthLink Difference... 

Veterinary Industry Support

Animal HealthLink was created by veterinary professionals who have walked in your shoes. We designed the services to support veterinary teams and practice health.


We live and breathe TRIAGE. This is our passion and we are setting new industry standards for safe and effective triage, both in-person and remote.

Human TeleTriage Research

AHL combines our veterinary health expertise, human triage research, and modern technology to deliver practical and sustainable telehealth solutions.



Emergency Practices

AHL RELIEVES PRESSURE and rethinks the traditional triage approach.

Blending SAFE TeleTriage and in-person care revolutionizes ER workflow and redeploys critical staff to improve patient care and hospital efficiency.

Veterinarians and technologists entered this profession to simply HELP. Let's create healthy industry practices, and pave the way for a bright future in veterinary medicine... 


—  Dr. Stephanie Van Deynze-Snell


“Our vet team is healthier mentally and physically to keep up with the day time demands of the job. Our vet & support team appreciates the communications from AHL as being easy to record and follow up with, and dealing with happy clients the next day, even after a difficult evening/overnight or weekend for them.” 

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