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First, Let's define a few terms...

TeleTriage is
at the Core of
AHL's Services

Animal HealthLink operators seamlessly integrate into practice's phone tree. AHL acts as an extension of the hospital and we will give clients reliable advice in a calm, reassuring manner.  We utilize experienced and licensed veterinary staff (RVTs) to triage the phone call and determine appropriate next steps using exclusive veterinarian-approved triage algorithms. Non-urgent cases can be deferred until regular hours or appropriate facilities. 


After-Hours Call Centre

On-Call Practices

AHL integrates into practice's phone system. Once triaged, non-urgent cases can be deferred until regular hours and urgent cases will be passed onto the on-call veterinarian or preferred emergency facility.

For the true emergencies, we set teams up for success with logistics, communications, and reporting.

Phone Integration

AHL call centre integrates into the veterinary practice's phone tree.


Operators can assess patients using voice calls, pictures, and video. 


We combine experienced RVTs with standardized triage algorithms to determine urgency.

Non-Urgent Cases

If patients are stable, they are deferred until regular daytime hours with close monitoring instructions. 

Emergency Cases

During true emergencies, the on-call vet is contact or sent to the ER based on your practice's preferences. 


ER TeleTriage Support

Emergency Hospitals

AHL blends TeleTriage and traditional veterinary emergency care to redeploy critical staff to where they are needed most.                                                                                                                             Not only do our operators remotely triage incoming patients on your behalf, the cascading effects can be felt throughout the hospital. AHL enables your team to provide better patient care, see more patients, and deal with the true emergencies. AHL's service also supports the referral community relationship and improves public access to professional veterinary advice rather than creating more barriers. 

The Details Matter

Animal HealthLink Stands Out

Experienced RVTs

DVM-Approved Triage Algorithms

Service Customization

Short Wait Times

Proven Safe

Manage High Caseload

Regulatory Compliance

Support Referral Relationship

Digital Triage Board Integration

Detailed Triage Reports

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